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considerations to make when getting a spray dryer - spray dryer manufacturer

by:IKE Food Machinery     2019-12-13
considerations to make when getting a spray dryer  -  spray dryer manufacturer
Spray drying converts the liquid mixture into powder.
This is a process of removing moisture components from a given liquid solution, also known as emulsion.
The spray dryer is the device that makes this process possible.
The solution is usually sprayed through the nozzle into the chamber of the dryer, while blowing hot air into it to remove moisture from the emulsion droplets and convert it into powder.
To meet different spray drying needs, each dryer has different functions.
Some dryers are used to meet the needs of foods like syrup, corn syrup, and starch, while others are used for pharmaceutical and chemicals.
From the mini spray dryer to the lab scale dryer, you can find any product that meets your spray drying needs.
But no matter what you need, you should consider some factors when purchasing the dryer. Ease of use -
You definitely want to end up with a device that you can easily operate and get the desired results.
You can determine how easy it is to use a spray dryer by looking at how easy it is to adjust the granularity, set requirements and cleaning requirements.
A dryer that can make you zoom in or a dryer with a glass room can prove easier to use at different stages of spray drying. Functionality -
The function that makes up the spray dryer will largely determine its function.
But in general, the unit of your choice should come with easy-to-control features.
You should have an easy time to choose, adjust and quickly and easily reach the best spray drying conditions.
It is best to choose a dryer so you can easily control the volume of the air flow, inlet temperature, pump speed, air compressor flow and deification
Blocking frequency. Construction -
The materials used in the equipment shall be resistant to strong alkali or acid, corrosion and high temperature.
View the materials used to build spray chambers, collectors, and cyclone separators to ensure that you can trust their quality to meet your spray drying needs.
You can also consider other construction techniques that use spray dryers to improve efficiency and convenience.
Stainless steel and glass are very good materials for the main components of the spray dryer. Reputation -
You can judge the quality of the dryer you are going to buy by looking at the level of trust other users have in the dryer.
Spray dryer is not only used by domestic customers, but also used by enterprises and scientific research institutes.
See what other users think about the device so you can determine that it is the right device to meet your needs and that you are indeed getting quality and value dryers for the money you spend on the device.
It is best to buy a dryer from a reputable supplier or brand and choose the right dryer according to your spray drying needs.
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