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by:IKE Food Machinery     2019-06-20
Kitchen Craft is a commercial cabinet supplier providing semi-finished products.Custom cabinets and shelves.Cabinets are built to meet different wood types, colors, styles and hardware specifications;However, many kitchen craft cabinets are in Europestyle hinge.This hinge is better than the traditional butterfly hinge because it is hidden and fully adjustable.By tightening or loosening the hinge screws, you can adjust the height, depth or lateral position of the door.To prevent the need to adjust, avoid hanging on the door of the cabinet or slamming.
Check which sizes need to be adjusted.Look at the cabinet with the door closed.If the door is too high or too low vertically, reset the height screw;Adjust the lateral screws if too far to the left or right;If there is no flush or too close to the cabinet frame, adjust the depth.
Check your Cabinet Manual to locate the height, landscape and depth screws.Typically, the screws are arranged horizontally, horizontally in the center of the hinge, followed by height and depth.
Turn the height screw clockwise to move the door down and counter-clockwise up.
Adjust the depth.Remember to rotate the door inward clockwise;Counter-clockwise, outward.
Screw the lateral regulator clockwise and move the door to the right.Turn the screw counter-clockwise and move the door to the left.
Open and close the cabinet door to make sure the cabinet door is firmly in place.
View the cabinets from the other side of the room to make sure adjustments are no longer required.
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