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clothes dryers - things you should know - moisture sensor dryer

by:IKE Food Machinery     2019-12-21
clothes dryers - things you should know  -  moisture sensor dryer
The ventilation dryer is the most popular model.
They are usually cheaper and look better.
In a ventilation dryer, warm and humid air drains the dryer through a hole in the back of the dryer or a "ventilation kit.
The ventilation dryer is usually ventilated to the outside of the place so that warm and humid air is discharged from the inside.
Think it is a common mistake to have a ventilation dryer!
A ventilation dryer without an external vent is possible.
If you want to use a ventilated dryer without any ventilation, then you have to make sure that the device is in an open environment where it can get good airflow and
You have to empty the lint before each use, make sure the widow or door is open to provide some circulation.
If these things are not done, moisture and mold will build up, causing your paint to fall off and the fire will even start in the worst case.
Condenser dryers are not very popular and usually cost more.
They are also larger and heavier than the ventilation dryer.
Using a condenser dryer, the moisture is extracted from the air and kept in the device, depending on the machine, manually emptied or pumped to the drain.
Then reuse dry air in the machine.
This type of dryer is best suited for confined spaces.
Condenser dryer is a better choice for the environment.
There are two main categories of dryers, timer and automatic induction dryer.
Of course, the automatic sensor is a better option, but it does cost more, but it can also save you money!
The timer dryer is the basic model.
The consumer sets the length of time the dryer is running.
The sensor dryer is more expensive to buy, but can save you money in the long run!
The auto sense dryer has a moisture sensor to determine when the clothes will dry and turn off the dryer automatically.
This is done by a machine that senses the exhaust temperature.
The automatic sensor can save you up to 15% of the running cost, and of course, it is more suitable for your clothes.
The best option for me is the ventilation dryer with auto-sensing function.
If you can drain the dryer from the outside!
If external ventilation is not an option then do what I do.
Open the window and let the dryer run in time and space.
If you use a ventilation dryer without ventilation, it is best to go home when it is turned on to make sure your place is not on fire.
If you have to go out, make sure your lint filter has been cleaned up, your dryer is not full yet and there is a lot of air circulation in the dryer.
Of course, this is also a wise choice when you can use nature's natural drying system, good old sun!
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