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canning jar candles - food dehydrator target

by:IKE Food Machinery     2020-01-06
canning jar candles  -  food dehydrator target
Cans of candles are easy to make, make great gifts and are limited only by your imagination!
All you need to start is some narrow
Mouth tank, ribbon, Baoxiang Pan, votive candle, small glass votive candle holder, craft glue or hot glue gun.
If you don't have an old can, you can find some very cheap ones in thrift stores and yard sales.
Wire and ribbon may be a bit expensive.
Look for it in yard sales and clearance sales of craft shops. The after-
Christmas sale is a good time to buy in.
A roll of ribbon can make a few jar candles.
You can make or sell it yourself.
Votive candles are cheap in stores like Target or Walmart, and you can also find very cheap glass votive candle holders at Walmart.
You want one on the edge of the jar.
You can fill the cans as you like.
Potpourri is one of the simplest fillers.
I bought a beautiful autumn.
I added some orange slices that I had already dried to my food dehydrator.
You can also add dried cranberry, apple slices or cinnamon sticks.
After filling the jar, you put the candle holder in the mouth of the jar.
The top of the candle holder should be consistent with the top of the jar.
You may have some attempts and errors before you find the right candle holder.
Place the candle on the holder and then tie a large bow around the neck of the jar with a ribbon. That's it! (
You may want to pin the ribbon in place with a little craft glue or glue gun).
You can stick some dried fruit, flowers or other decorations on the bow to get a more decorative look.
In addition to potpourri, you can also put other things in the jar.
I 've seen half of them put a short, white cone candle in the sugar, filled with white sugar. Very pretty!
There is no need for a candle holder.
You can buy some trinkets at Christmas and put them in the jar instead of in the jar.
Any small statue can--
You can use the rabbit in spring.
Maybe fill a jar with marbles or colored sand. Even pennies!
Play your imagination
These candles are great gifts and interesting.
If you're tired of one, empty it and start over!
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