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buy food dehydrators: improve your families health, make great tasting food and save money! - how to make a food dehydrator

by:IKE Food Machinery     2019-12-27
buy food dehydrators: improve your families health, make great tasting food and save money!  -  how to make a food dehydrator
Have you ever thought about buying a food dehydrator?
In my 1970 s, I remember my grandmother bought her first food dehydrator and then bought one for my aunt and mom on Christmas Day.
This is at a time when people in California are just beginning to plan ahead for potential earthquakes and other possible world disasters.
In addition, it also appeared when healthy eating became a priority.
So we dehydrated everything.
Fruits, raw meat, vegetables, etc. )
It's not only a great way to make and preserve nutritious food, but it's also fun to find out.
You don't need separate meat dehydrator, fruit dehydrator or dog food dehydrator.
Whether it's a home brand or a commercial dehydrator, all these foods can be made with the same machine.
It is easy to maintain flavor and freshness, as most dehydrated foods can last for many years if stored properly.
Although we have books with recipes for food dehydrator, we find it easy to come up with our own recipes for dehydrated raw food or cooked leather.
My favorite so far is the fruit leather we made by mixing various ingredients (
Such as pineapple, coconut, apple, banana, apricot, pear, etc. )
Add a little spice (
May be nutmeg or cinnamon)
And simply pour the square into the non
Toxic Plastic plastic wrap, placed on the shelf of the food dehydrator, 10-20 hours (
Depending on the moisture content of the food).
Then we peel them off the plastic and pack them up as school snacks.
Although a lot of times dehydrated foods never last that long as we seem to be able to eat them as fast as we can because we can dehydrate for delicious finger foods.
But think about it.
Unfortunately, in the event of an earthquake or other natural disaster, it may make getting food a challenge, wouldn't it be great to know that you have homemade beef jerky, Apple jerky, banana slices? Ready, even dehydrated granola?
The food is reduced to the original size, but almost all nutrients are maintained (
No sugar added, still sweet! ! ! ).
They don't need to be refrigerated, they just need to be placed in a glass jar or in a plastic bag in a dark and cool cabinet.
Wouldn't that reassure you?
As an adult, I started to dehydrate my food and even my nutritious pet food.
If you buy fresh raw food during the season, it is economical to dehydrate your own food (
When they are cheaper)
To save time, the same fruits and vegetables may cost more and dry them.
Surprisingly, the taste is as delicious as fresh and even better in some cases.
Dry dishes are easy to replenish water, and it is also great to add soup or stew.
Think about how much fresh food is wasted because it is not eaten in time.
Then think about how much you can save by dehydrated food instead of throwing it in the trash.
Even the remaining mashed potatoes can be paved in an inch thick rectangle (place non-
Toxic plastic wrap on drying rack of dehydrator)
Make your own potato chips!
In this era, we need to save as much money as we can, and our food dehydrator is one of the best investments we have ever made.
If you like homemade gifts for the holidays, consider making a fresh chicken soup, or your special pasta sauce, dehydrated to crisp and then mixed into powder.
Put it in one of the remaining glass jars with beautiful ribbons and a label with instructions for replenishing water (
Basically instructions. . . just add water)
You have prepared a great homemade gift for your family and friends.
Or buy a food dehydrator for someone you love this Christmas to improve the health of your family, help them prepare for the disaster, or just make delicious snacks or healthy dehydrated pet food.
Share with them the food dehydrator recipes for your favorite dehydrated food and how they can avoid wasting their food to save money.
Please visit our food dehydrator website and blog to share your favorite recipes, dehydration tips and ideas for dehydrated foods.
Go to http today: enjoy it! ! !
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