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bruins, hawks try to find rest following ot games - drying equipment

by:IKE Food Machinery     2019-11-22
bruins, hawks try to find rest following ot games  -  drying equipment
In the fifth series
The longest match in the history of the Stanley Cup final, followed by the second, ended with only 13: 48 + hours, and both sides were forced to take advantage of any moment to rest and recharge, enter the third game in TD Garden on Monday (8 p. m.
For the brown bear, they're at 2-
The overtime win in the second game means that after the start of the series in Chicago, before taking a nap in your own bed, you can fly quietly back to Boston.
"We flew out this morning.
Everyone is sleeping.
"It was an early flight," he said, starting overtime at 13: 48 on Saturday night.
"It's a great feeling.
We all felt it last night.
That being said, today is a new day.
I look forward to taking a nap in my bed today, relaxing and getting ready to play at home.
"Every Stanley Cup final is a weary march towards the finish line, and when the champions are crowned, both teams are exhausted.
There are only two games in the series, which may never be as real as this year, and this year Boston and Chicago played nearly 10 full games in their first two games.
The Blackhawks need a series.
Double turnover
In the extra time of Game 5, rest is a vital asset.
The best example of Chicago's recent marathon mentality may be the defense's game, where he has recorded incredible 12: 01 ice time in the last three games.
This means that he has played more than two fully regulated games on his own.
In the fifth game against L, 40: 12 played.
After 48: 40 in the first game against Boston, Keith became the first playoff player to complete the feat in the 2000 Stanley Cup final for more than 40 minutes in a row.
Considering that so far many players have seen the playing time of this series, fighting against fatigue can be as important as fighting against another team.
"I think as players, we have been through things like this before.
"It's just for you to take a break," Keith said . " He recorded the shocking 80: 49 ice times in this series, leading all players.
"This is not rocket science.
You just need to sleep and do the best you can.
Do all these little things to help you get ready so you feel good and ready.
"The Brown Bears swept their opponents in the Eastern final and won some rest time before the final.
But they also played seven extra-time games in the playoffs, more than any other team.
As the playoffs transition from night to early morning, the players have begun to feel the price of those long battles.
"I think everyone is a little tired.
There were three overclocking in the last game and then worked overtime . "
"These guys took a break on the plane and I think definitely need a break this time.
We had another late night.
Rest is very important for us.
"After starting the series with two marathon races, there is no need to encourage players to grab some water whenever the opportunity arises.
But the staff of the two teams also want to help the players keep their energy between the game and the game.
"Your coach came in from here.
Whether it's dry equipment or making sure they have energy, they do what they can.
There is always something in the locker room that can help you;
Fruits, all kinds of things.
All the teams are good.
"Be prepared for this," coach Bruins said . ".
"My speech during overtime lasted for a minute and a half.
It's more about getting them to rest and making sure they're excited about going out and trying to win the game.
"Whoever wins, who will worry about the fatigue in the future.
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