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best foods for the apocalypse - best dehydrated food

by:IKE Food Machinery     2020-02-07
best foods for the apocalypse  -  best dehydrated food
Despite the luck of our species, many believe that there will be a Apocalypse in our future, even in our near future.
It is estimated that there are 3 million people in the United StatesS.
They are filling the basement, bomb shelters and hidden spots with living supplies to prepare for the end of the world.
So if you don't want to be left behind to pick up leftovers or eat radioactive mice, you may start hoarding.
There are seven convenient foods to prepare for the revelation: you can't prepare more than you have 32,000 servings on hand.
The climax of this freezing
Dry, dehydrated food can last four people a year.
There are a variety of options from elbow macaroni and chicken to sweet corn and cheese.
The shelf life of these foods ranges from 5 to 25 years at a price of $3,999.
£ 99, less than 13 cents per service.
It's delivered through the tray, so you 'd better have a place to put it.
Even the survivors need something sweet from time to time.
Astronaut ice cream is a favorite science museum food and a wise choice for a long time.
Term of imprisonment.
Frozen and frozen-
The dry dessert was originally designed for the early Apollo space mission. With a three-
The shelf life of one year will come in handy with the rebuilding of society.
Neopolitan has always been a popular choice, but it also has chocolate chips, mint chocolate chips, and even ice cream sandwiches.
The closest thing to the military. issue MREs (
Prepared Meals)
In the market, the meal bag is supplied to the company for five-One year shelf lifeThese pre-
The packaged food is sealed and has an impact. and water-
Resistance, including beef ravioli, chicken fajitas, bacon and many other edible options.
They even offer vegetarian dishes such as La tatooye and apple maple leaf oats.
When the end comes, it's hard to say whether it's through zombies, ecstasy or environmental disasters in the biblical sense.
But no matter how the apocalypse appears, alcohol may be a key coping mechanism.
This vodka is made exclusively for the end of the times.
In addition to the proper creepy packaging, it is also made of white wheat and Adirondack water, promising to be very smooth.
Ask the survivor and he will tell you that peanut butter is a must.
High in calories and fat, long
Long lasting and super easy to eat (
Not to mention delicious)
It's wise to have this old school's favorite at hand.
Add oats to the mixture and you will get some sticky protein and fiber.
Pick up the peanut butter company
There is a wide variety of peanut butter, from delicious cinnamon raisins and white chocolate to delicious maple and crunch times.
It has four extra bags.
A cup and spoon can make things easier.
Spam is likely to be successful even if humans are not successful.
The "miracle meat" in the can has been around since 1937, and its resume is impressive.
Soviet Prime Minister Khrushchev believes spam can keep Soviet troops alive during World War II.
The US geographic information system and the Allied military spent the same amount of food at the same time.
It's better to have some on hand in case the bomb falls and your mutant stomach starts to roar.
For those who do not want to eat people or try to hunt the last cow in the world, the meat-free jerky of The Original Soul is a good choice.
Protein made from soybeans, seitan and mushrooms (
Most of them are likely to be hard to find in posts
Revelation of America. They sell a 24-
It is packed with pecan smoked, Texas barbecue, braised, lime, Thai peanuts and spicy foods.
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