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best buy food dehydrator Growing Jiaogulan

by:IKE Food Machinery     2019-05-31

best buy food dehydrator Growing Jiaogulan
Gym fruit is a climbing tea herb native to mountainous or forest areas of Asia. It is also known as the sweet tea vine, with light cracked leaves, inconspicuous and green-Yellow flowers near the stem. Jia Guolan was originally mixed together with red tea leaves to make them sweet but also sold as an adaptive or tonic herb. It is a short-Living in the United States all year roundS. Plant resistance areas 8 to 10 of the Ministry of Agriculture. Coke fruit orchid seeds should be soaked in a covered warm water container for 24 hours before sowing in a flowerpot full of wet seed-starting mix. It is better to plant the three seeds in one flowerpot, and the patterns of the triangles are about inches apart from each other, as their germination may be inconsistent. Gently sprinkle the seeds with the mixture so that they are hardly covered. If the mixture remains moist, at room temperature, at the age of 70, the seeds should germinate within two to six weeks. They can then be placed under growth lights for at least 12 hours a day, or in the East --or west-Facing the window sill, they will only receive some sunshine. In the early summer, Jiao Gulan seedlings can be placed on the outdoor ground, preferably in a cool grid or next to Joe in a good part of the soil drainage and not rich. You should pay attention to how deep their roots are before you plant the vines, 1 foot from the grid or the rattan stand, 1 feet apart and slightly tilted to the bracket so that they grow in the right direction, it is best to cover them with compost to approach the rotten leaves in their natural environment and to help their soil remain moist at all times. Once it is supported, Jiao Guolan should grow to around 25 feet and need little care except for occasional watering. You can recall how deep the roots of this herb are.-With the help of soil detectors-When you have enough water to reach that depth. (The probe is easy to slide in wet soil, but flinch when it comes to dehydrated dirt.) Wait until the moist soil part dries to the surface, but never keep up until you apply the same amount of water again. Herbs such as Jiao Guolan are rarely plagued by insects or diseases and do not require more fertilization than the compost cover provides. The inconspicuous flowers of the Vine appear in the middle.to late-If there are male and female plants, the seed pods will develop into round green in summer. 

These pods should turn black when the seeds are ripe. Do not harvest Jiao Gulan until the plant is at least 1-11/2 feet tall. If collected in the budding period, just before the flowers open, herbs usually have the strongest flavor. Cut the vines into 3-to 5-Dry the inches of the stem at the same speed as the leaves. These pieces can then be placed in a food dehydrator until they become brittle, or can spread on a screen supported by sawhorses or other supports in an area protected from sunlight and rain once completely dry, store herbs in a glass jar with screwsIn a cool and dim place, such as on a shelf in a pantry.                                

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