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According to the Daily Mail reporter update: July 1, 2011 07: 26, wrestling star "manly" Randy Savage died naturally due to a heart attack, the autopsy showed. The 58-year-
In May, the old man crashed his car into a tree and died.
His wife, Lynne Payne, was a passenger of 2009 Jeep Wrangler and suffered minor injuries during the collision.
The autopsy released yesterday showed that the heart of wrest's hand was enlarged and the coronary artery was seriously blocked.
Scroll down the video Savage for a long time
To promote the product, he starred in many colorful TV commercials.
At that time, the pro-wrestling wrest hand Hulk Hogan wrote on his Twitter page: "I was completely broken, and after not talking to Randy for more than 10 years, we finally started talking and communicating.
"There are so many lives in his eyes & in his spirit I just pray for him to be happy and in a better place we miss him.
"We miss him very much.
Ten years without communication, I feel terrible.
It was a tough game.
In December 1984, Savage married his first wife, Elizabeth Ann Hurlet.
Although Hulette MS divorced in 1992, his career has lasted for several years.
In 2003, MS Hulette was found dead of a drug overdose at the home of the professional wrest hand Lex Luger.
In an interview that year, Savage's brother Lani Poff said that wrest's hand felt his predecessor
His wife died because of drug use.
Born Randall Mario pove, Savage held 20 tournaments in his professional wrestling career and was seven
One-time world champion
World Natural Foundation continental champion
Four World Natural Foundation Champions
WCW World Heavyweight Boxing Champion
United States time unified world heavyweight champion.
WWE rated Savage as "the greatest interstate champion of all time" and said he passed the amazing in-
Ring performance.
The father of Savage, Angelo Poff, is a good man.
The famous wrest hands of the 1950 and 1960 s, in Ripley's "Believe it or not!
Because of his ability to sit.
Ups for several hours in a row.
Randy's brother, Lanie, is also a wrest wrestler who performs under the names "jumping Lanie boffie" and "genius.
After graduating from college, Randy worked as a small league baseball outfielder at St. Mary's University.
The Luiz Cardinals, the Cincinnati Reds and the Chicago White Sox farm systems.
In the 1974 season, Savage left the baseball team to pursue full time wrestling.
His first name on the ring was "Spider friend ".
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