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by:IKE Food Machinery     2020-01-15
  -  beef jerky dehydrator
Daily Mail Tesa Cunningham was published at 18: 25 on September 27, 2013 | update: 06: 04 on September 28, 2013
Kitchen gadgets don't sound very appealing.
Ice cream and bread-
Manufacturers imagine delicious food, and the food dehydrator sounds like a laboratory.
But the machineLakeland’s £49.
Sell 99 versions like hot cakes
Proved to be an unexpected blow.
Class mothers who want to provide healthy, cheap snacks for their families.
The devotees claim that these machines allow you to make everything from dried banana slices to strawberry slices, vegetable potato chips, flavors --packed ‘sun-
Tomato and fresh dried vanilla
Not to mention pourri.
Cynical, I decided to try the Lakeland machine.
For a gadget that promises so much, it's very small in size.
It is 7 inch high and 13 inch wide, easy to put on my countertop and easy to install.
It works the same way as a very low temperature oven with five drying hangers stacked together.
The fan gently heats the food inside to 85 °c (185F. )
Heat rises and dries the food before it is discharged through the hole at the top.
No thermometer and timer.
Instead, I should rotate the tray to make sure it dries evenly and checks every hour so the food doesn't shrink completely.
When I opened the machine, the dog's hammer rang immediately.
It sounds like the cat next door has moved in and growls contentedly in my kitchen.
Thankfully we are all used to the noise and it is good because we will be living with it for a few days --
Some fruits take 38 hours to dry.
But is the healthy snacks produced by my new equipment worth all the effort
What will my daughters think of changing potato chips to dried kale?
Method: I peel and core two apples and cut them into circles.
My Lakeland manual suggested that I advance
Soak all the fruit in a bowl of water for two minutes and add a little apple juice to enjoy it.
So I poured my rings into the bowl, then carefully dried them with a kitchen towel, then piled them up in the dryer, and I put them there for six hours.
Conclusion: my ring is a lovely light gold ring full of sweetness.
Great texture too-
Satisfactory chewing power.
8/10 Banana dry 10 hour method: I peel three bananas and cut them into 3mm pieces and soak them in my water and juice mixture for two minutes.
Conclusion: the slices have shrunk so much that I'm afraid they will stick to the tray.
So I was excited when they left easily.
They are beautiful golden brown, crispy and sweet.
Very delicious, perfect for joining muesli.
9/10 judgment: my grape is the size of a huge golden raisin-
They may use more drying time to make them shrink more.
But the taste is good.
The skin is soft and sweet.
Perfect guilt
Eat snacks for free, but unfortunately it's an expensive option to dry your own snacks --
I could have spent less than half of my money on the same amount of raisins in the supermarket.
8/10 tomato drying 10 H method: I cut 335g of cherry tomatoes in half and put them on the tray to make sure the air can circulate around them so they can dry evenly.
The taste is so strong, just like eating the Tuscan Sun.
I bottle some olive oil in Bologna and the rest as appetizers for dinner.
My guests were impressed with my secret.
I mean the machine.
10/10 dried mango for 15 hours: I cut the mango into a wafer-
Flakes, soak in water seasoned with tropical juices, and then lie carefully in the dryer.
Conclusion: My mango slices look like parchment, a bit too rubber
I suspect they need more drying.
But they taste as juicy as the store.
I bought the equivalent, which is much cheaper. My sweet-
Daughter with teeth can't finish eating. A definite hit.
7/10 strawberry dry 7 hour method: I cut each strawberry in half, soak it in the juice, then suck it dry and put it on the tray.
The strawberries are too dry, like chewing a bunch of sugar.
In desperation, I tried it with my breakfast cereal.
The milk came out of them plum, they added such a sweet flavor and I came out of my usual spoonful of sugar.
But it's 2 for a little punk.
Just enough for the first three bowls of muesli-
It's much cheaper to buy frozen.
Dried strawberries.
7/10 European wind-proof grass dry 6 hours method: I cooked European wind-proof grass for 4 minutes and cut it into crisp after dryinglike circles.
I usually like European wind-proof grass very much.
However, although the sweet taste of grilled European wind-proof grass is the perfect match for barbecue, it is disgusting to dry.
All I got was a terrible aftertaste. Yuck.
They may be cheap, but I won't try again.
2/10 apricot dry 9 hour method: I cut each apricot dry in half, remove the stone and soak it in the fruit-
Before drying carefully with paper towels, season for two minutes.
Conclusion: in just nine hours, these are prepared much faster than I thought.
The manual suggests a maximum of 38.
But they were disappointed.
They look like dried walnuts.
The lush orange flesh turns brown and tastes like rubber. Buying ready-
Apricot is cheaper and more delicious.
4/10 dried kale 2.
5-hour method: kale fries should be delicious enough to even seduce the most discerning child.
Also, because kale is rich in iron and vitamins, they are super delicious. healthy too.
They can't do it anymore.
Before drying and laying on the tray, I cooked in boiling water for a minute.
Conclusion: These potato chips are vibrant green, but while they win in appearance, the experts are not convincing --
My two daughters.
The kale is bitter and they claim it's like eating dry --up grass.
The method of 2/10 zucchini dry for 6 hours: zucchini is currently very cheap, so this is a good way to consume excess.
I burned it for three minutes and cut it into wafer-
Flakes before popping in the dryer.
Verdict: They were so thin that they saw --through.
I was afraid they would be broken, but they all fall off the tray easily.
Crispy and fragrant. Fantastic.
Even my daughters thought the chips were delicious.
I was inspired to serve dinner guests
Who is full of praise for them.
8/10 mint dry 2 hour method: I have a blooming mint pot in my kitchen, I cut a few roots from the inside, wash it carefully and put it on a dry tray.
Conclusion: Mint has become powder, and a lot of mint has slipped off the tray and ended up at the bottom.
But once I picked it up, I got excited.
It is very fragrant and should be kept in closed jars for one year.
9/10 of beet dried 5.
5-hour method: Fans say spelling in deyhdrator can turn the cheapest vegetables into exotic potato chips.
Add some salt, look.
They are also healthy because they do not involve frying.
I cook in boiling water for four minutes, which will help to keep it natural color and then shoot it dry before slicing.
Conclusion: the slices have been reduced to the size of rose petals.
They are so beautiful and I hope the taste is better.
I am not disappointed.
They are as crispy as potato chips, but there is an unmistakable sweet soup.
I treat them with drinks at my bridge party and they treat them.
The downside is that after an hour in a bowl, they become weak and wet.
However, I can waste some snacks with such a cheap one.
7/10POT POURRI drying method for 3 hours: Although the machine is not strictly designed for drying flowers, I am a little late
The roses that bloom in my garden do not see any reason not to try.
Turning flowers into flower pots is the perfect way to give new life to my roses.
I picked one and gently peeled off the petals and sprinkled them on the dry tray.
Conclusion: the petals maintain a subtle orange color, and the fragrance is as lovely as the one in my garden. I’m delighted.
If I tap them occasionally with pourri oil, I will remind me of the summer of the whole year.
10/10 last. . .
4-hour method of dried beef jerky: Lakeland only recommends the use of dehydrator for fruits and vegetables.
However, I have tried the flowers and on their website the user reports that the result of turning the beef strip into a mouth is fantastic --watering jerky.
Even better, since the dehydrator leaves all the cooking smells in the kitchen, there is no strong beef smell floating in the kitchen.
I cut a piece of fried steak into thin slices.
Then I marinated the night with a mixture of Worcester and soy sauce and put it on the shelf in my dryer.
Conclusion: my beef jerky looks like dry laces.
Although it doesn't look very good, it is definitely chewy and delicious. It is a very delicious snack --
A fraction of the cost of the store-
I bought the equivalent.
It cost me 1 pound of dried meat.
Same amount, ready-
It cost me 3.
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