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beef jerky and other processed meats linked to manic episodes, say scientists - beef jerky dehydrator

by:IKE Food Machinery     2020-01-19
beef jerky and other processed meats linked to manic episodes, say scientists  -  beef jerky dehydrator
Beef jerky, sausage, hot dogs and other marinades can cause mania, scientists say.
Analysis of more than 1,000 people with and without mental illness suggests that nitrate-a chemical used to preserve meat and other processed snacks-is associated with abnormal emotional state. googletag. {});
The study, conducted by the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine in the United States, found that people admitted to hospital for mental mania-characterized by ADHD, happy and insomnia-three times as likely to eat nitrate as the former --
Compared to people who do not have a history of serious mental illness, Bacon is more delicious.
Experiments on mice show similar fanatics.
Just like ADHD after just a few weeks in a diet that adds nitrate.
The researchers say their study adds some evidence that certain foods, combined with certain types of gut bacteria, may lead to fever and other diseases that affect the brain.
According to a new study, hot dogs and beef jerky, sausages and other bacon may lead to mania (
Barry Combs/EMPICS Sport)
Robert Yoken, lead author of The Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine, said: "We looked at many different dietary exposures and bacon really stands out. googletag. {});
"Future work on this link may lead to dietary interventions to help people with bipolar disorder or who are prone to bipolar disorder reduce the risk of bipolar disorder.
"Mania usually occurs in people with emotional disorders, such as bipolar disorder or separatist disorder.
Mania can lead to dangerous risks
The behavior taken can include wishful thinking.
Bacon contains nitrate used as a preservative (Id-
Art/Getty Images)
The team said further research was needed to understand the mechanism by which nitrate increased the risk of fever, but tests on rats showed that rodents who ate nitrate
The added beef jerky showed irregular sleep patterns and ADHD compared to those not added.
When the team analyzed intestinal bacteria in rats, they found that animals with nitrate in their diet had different patterns of bacteria in the intestines compared to other rodents.
The researchers added that the animals "differ in several molecular pathways in the brain that were previously associated with bipular disorders ".
The team said it was too early to get any clinical information from the results, adding that occasional consumption of marinated meat is unlikely to stimulate the manic episodes of most people and further research is needed to understand the association. googletag. {});
The findings are published in the journal Molecular Psychiatry. -
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