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babesa village restaurant - beef jerky dehydrator

by:IKE Food Machinery     2020-01-14
babesa village restaurant  -  beef jerky dehydrator
The editor of the happy tour, though located in the suburbs, is only about 7 kilometers from the main town of TinBu, but the food at the Babesa village restaurant is worth those extra miles traveling.
Located in a heritage home near Paro
On the TinBu highway, the restaurant offers food that is equally popular with locals and international travelers.
The restaurant serves authentic Bhutanese cuisine with unparalleled seekam paa (bacon dish), shakam paa (Beef jerky), suja (butter tea)
And bishamaru (chicken curry)
There are other local delicacies. Lom (
Dried radish leaves)
Mengmai, commonly known as Bhutan pizza, is a must-eat --
Try this place.
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