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ask the expert: don’t dehydrate in the summer heat (or any other time of year) - dehydrate in oven

by:IKE Food Machinery     2020-01-30
ask the expert: don’t dehydrate in the summer heat (or any other time of year)  -  dehydrate in oven
Do you feel a little thirsty on the hot summer day?
Research shows that 75% of Americans are dehydrated for a long time and are more likely to do so in the summer.
The general recommendation for the total daily drinking volume is about 91 ounces for women and about 125 ounces for men, equivalent to 5-
7 bottles of water per day.
People tend to be more active in the summer, so it's not a bad idea to add these numbers at this time of year.
Usually, we get about 80% of the total drinking water from drinking water and beverages (
Even with caffeine.
Another 20% came from the food we ate.
However, be careful when replenishing water with sugary drinks because these drinks actually aggravate dehydration. Did you know?
What are your signs of dehydration?
The signs of dehydration can range from very slight, barely obvious to very serious.
The most common symptoms are: extreme thirst, decreased urination, fatigue, dry skin, lips and mouth, muscle cramps, confusion, constipation, urinary tract infection, dizziness.
Ask the Experts more questions: heartburn can occur at any time, how can I drink more water every day at any time? Set water targets.
For example, try to carry a reusable water bottle with you and set a goal to add at least twice a day.
Labeling a gallon of water for drinking time also helps ensure daily goals.
For people with time-limited work schedules, setting up alerts and reminders is effective to achieve their daily water use goals.
Are some people more dehydrated than others? Yes.
The risk of dehydration is higher in older people, as our thirst decreases as we age.
Should I replenish water with water or sports drinks when exercising?
Sports drinks contain added sugar.
Need them only if you are engaged in sports for an hour or more;
Otherwise, water is usually enough.
What other way can a person keep moisture besides drinking water?
Melons, berries and citrus are the most hydrating fruits.
The water content of cucumbers, celery, tomatoes and spinach is also nearly 90%.
I just don't like the taste of plain boiled water.
What should I do?
If you find ordinary water boring, try zero water.
Calorie-flavored water like La Croix or store
Brand Soda.
Coconut water can also replenish water, which can replace some electrolyte lost by sweat.
You can also add citrus, berries, cucumbers or herbs to the water to make your own refreshing drink.
Here are three quick ideas: the explosion of strawberry basil: Crush eight slices of fresh basil leaves, release their flavor and combine it with three cups of half-cut strawberries.
Gently muddle through a large can of icecold water.
Rosemary studies: crush the four rosemary branches and release their taste.
Mix them with six cups of watermelon in a large can of icecold water.
Cucumber qu agent: crush 6 mint leaves and release the fragrance.
Combine them with two thin cucumbers and four thin lemons in a large can of icecold water.
Water is the most important nutrient on Earth. We should drink it every day.
Challenge yourself to live a healthy and moist life.
National Police officer Jordan Deakin is a family nurse at the York City IU Health Ball Memorial Clinic center.
She is receiving new pediatric and young patients.
For more information, visit iuhealth. org/ball-
Or call 765-759-
4068 appointment time.
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