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How To Make Healthy Dried Fig Fruit Snacks

by:IKE Food Machinery     2019-05-24

I will definitely put too many preserved fig jars in the warehouse. How about making some healthy fig snacks to change? Dried fruit is a healthy fruit that is easy to make. Figs do not need to add any extra ingredients as they are already full of flavor and natural sugar. If you have your own fig trees in the backyard, collect them as much as you can before the fig trees overgrowripe and mushy. Leave the over-Ripe fruit on the tree, let the hungry birds eat, otherwise, they will attack your tomatoes and other fruits that may be in the garden. 

Rinse the figs well and remove all the dust and dirt from the garden. Remove the top and bottom of the drawing so that only the middle part of the drawing is left. Cut the figs into 1 cm thick pieces and place them on the grill. Fill the rack with fig parts. If you have more figs to dry, please use a few more shelves. Put the shelf in the oven. Open the oven about 100-And Bake figs. When the fig is baked, the juice starts to drip out of the fig, so it's a good idea to place a large tray at the bottom of the shelf to collect the liquid, otherwise, you will have a lot of sticky mess and cleaning work to do. When the fig parts dry, they begin to shrink. After 1½-Turn off the oven for 2 hours and leave the figs inside overnight. Figs should be a bit moist as they are not completely dry yet. The next day, bake again at the same temperature for about an hour. There should be no more juice coming out of them this time. Check them regularly to make sure they are not burned. When the fig parts feel leather and dry, they are ready. Turn off the oven and put them in for another 30 minutes. Let the figs cool thoroughly before removing them from the oven. Put dry figs in a closed jar. Enjoy healthy fig snacks.                                

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