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are dehydrated foods healthy hangover? you are dehydrated! -

by:IKE Food Machinery     2019-06-19
Being completely away from any type of alcoholic drink is a major reason.Alcohol is very dehydrated.In order to work normally, the human body needs a high level of hydration.The percentage of water in the human body is estimated to rise from 60% to about 75%.Most of your body's functions depend heavily on certain elements, such as water and minerals, to maintain a perfect balance with each other.When you continue to drink alcohol, you will also be dehydrated frequently, unless you drink a lot of water every day.For an alcoholic, one gallon of water per day is the least.This must be calculated with any moisture in alcoholic beverages.So if you drink 8 ounces.Bourbon wine and water, the water part is not included in your hydration needs.If you drink a lot of wine every day and don't drink a lot of water, you have a very high risk of early death from all kinds of degraded diseases.These include: Crone's, lupus, MS, cancer, heart disease, as, stroke, diabetes, Alzheimer's and dementia.However, any disease can get worse because of the use of alcohol and its associated dehydration.If you want to give up addiction to alcohol, one of the most natural ways (which can also lead to your spiritual awakening) is to exchange cold turkey for raw food.Within a few weeks of turning to a raw vegetarian diet only, your body will tell you to stop drinking and not only will you listen for the first time, you will be able to agree and comply with your body's requirements.The raw diet is more detox than any other diet.It will reorganize you from the inside out, because you will eventually provide it with the high nutrition it has been longing.Interestingly, drinking alcohol is actually a sugar addiction.When you stabilize your body's chemical reaction by using raw food, especially a large number of dark green leafy vegetables, your desire for sugar (and alcohol) will begin to disappear.It happened quite quickly, too.This is not the diet you continue to lose weight;This is the rest of your life.When you have experienced the profound impact of eating raw food on you and have persisted for more than a few months, you will not want to go back.
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