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americans in frankfurt. - nesco food dehydrator

by:IKE Food Machinery     2020-01-21
americans in frankfurt.  -  nesco food dehydrator
As part of the American daily necessities pavilion of the National Association of household goods manufacturers, many North American kitchenware companies present their products in Ambiente.
This group can be found in Hall 8. 0, 9. 0 and 9.
At the Environmental Expo.
American Pavilion in Hall 8
0: Cedar Fresh offers a variety of kitchen tools and accessories such as jar Pop and jar claw. Gal Aviv Ltd.
America, high-
The impact glass cover of the cooker displays its complete cover series in a variety of shapes and sizes. Lodge Mfg. Co.
Manufacturers of traditional American actors
The iron cooker, along with other products, displays its chef frying pan, including afive-
The workpiece cooker group that has been reconfigured to replace 68.
A 24-centimeters round baking tray of a corn cob pan, which also includes a4.
7 liter Dutch oven with iron cover and 52-and 68.
25 cm frying pan
Metal Products Company
Its subsidiary, Nesco American Harvest, has exhibited the Nesco baking oven in five years.
Size of 5 and 17 liters, as well as food dehydrator and accessories.
Oxo International presents its patented pump mechanism and a non-patented salad spinner
Features a sliding bottom of the new automatic pouring mechanism and a new lift kettle.
Progressive International
Its entertainment and lifestyle dining categories, including the products used in Asian cooking and the new hot pot collection, are highlighting new content.
Limited by share Ltd
A series of pizza products and delicacies designed for home use and gift giving are presented, as well as a mixture of crockery bakers and bread.
Snapware Europe is showing its range of food storage containers with transparent flexible glass plastic, which provides a solid oxygen barrier to protect dry foods such as coffee, tea, beans and grains.
Trudeau showed the opposite.
Patented bacterial cutting board
Grab a grip on the salt and pepper mill, launch a brand new cooking and service tool, as well as a range of magnesium hot pot suits.
Zak design company
A number of new products are presented in the itslicensed daily cutlery collection, including Star Wars, phantom threat, Rooney's tune, and Barney. In Hall 9.
0: giant vacuum flask launch-
Bottle with double liter liquid insulation
Cup storage base and easy pouring plug. In Hall 9.
1: Lance key pencil sharpener ,(
Look at the first Ambiente)
The new kitchen tile bar knife sharpener that is showing it, it has two functions
Using pre-
Set the grinding rod.
Now the design has introduced three kitchen textile series: the basic series, there are 60 different designs to choose from;
Classic series with three styles of aprons;
There are also sea food, including mats, napkins and running tables. Norpro Inc.
Demonstrated its patented grip EZ tool and accessory range, including new products such as grip EZ pliers, filters, and a complete tool range.
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