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amazon's weirdest black friday deals this year - food dehydrator amazon

by:IKE Food Machinery     2020-02-02
amazon\'s weirdest black friday deals this year  -  food dehydrator amazon
With many shoppers looking online for the best Black Friday deals in tech, don't miss some of the very odd bits sold this year.
Goop may include a crystal drink straw and a month-long loofa subscription in their annual gift guide, but Gwyneth Paltrow doesn't have a corner in the unfamiliar market.
As one of the largest retailers in the world, Amazon is known for its proud history, selling you from the old road in one place.
Strange things get cheaper on Black Friday.
When you search for Black Friday deals, you really don't know what you're going to get.
But you do know that you can use a sense of humor to buy a placenta keychain and a yodeling kimchi for the people on your holiday shopping list, as well as other disturbing things.
Scroll down to the reviews section of the product and you will see the psychology of the consumer who really needs these things.
The following is the strangest Black Friday deal on Amazon this year: generally strange: Unicorn fairy putty cloud mud (
Relieve pressure)on sale for $4. 39.
LED unicorn headband for toddlers or adults for $10. 95.
A birthday card with a fire dragon on it costs $13.
This "my first fire" prank box costs $7. 99.
Hip hop goose for $24.
99 a yodeling kimchi costs $13.
49 decorative styles: a statue of a fire hydrant for $37. 11An LED-
The waterfall fountain costs $35. 96.
A magical plasma ball lamp was cut to $11. 99.
A set of Egg candles carved by Game of Thrones for $24. 99.
The Doormat, which speaks "I love you" in different Esperanto, costs $25. 18.
Kitchen: clever pliers for $12. 99.
Sushi rocket launcher for $10. 90.
Hot dog toaster for $14. 99.
Food dehydrator for $72.
For travelers: a pizza sleeping bag for $22. 99.
A huge inflatable banana float for $12. 29.
Placenta keychain for $9. 99.
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