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9 camping tips for a backcountry thanksgiving feast - dehydrated vegetables

by:IKE Food Machinery     2020-01-26
9 camping tips for a backcountry thanksgiving feast  -  dehydrated vegetables
Thanksgiving is a great gift for outdoor sports enthusiasts. The four-
The holiday weekend offers friends and family the opportunity to enjoy a quiet camp in the usual busy national park, away from the Canyon of the red rock country, or to ski in a secluded lodge in the Colorado Rocky Mountains.
I 've been lucky for the last 15 years that almost every Thanksgiving Day has been spent somewhere memorable.
Some of these holiday accommodations include places hidden under the stars while in Coyote Canyon, enjoying a mixture of sand and snow at the Great Dunes National Park, and watching the sunset while camping at the water bag square on Capitol Reef, and spend an unforgettable holiday skiing into the Tenth Mountain Lodge. (
Check out our recommended hiking and trails. )1.
Egg solution. Pre-
Break some eggs into water bottles.
Then make a delicious breakfast with pepper, salt and cheese, or stir them into the cabin --
Dinner at sea level carbonara. 2.
Improved hot cocoa.
Do some hot cocoa as usual and then add some no-
Baked cheese cake mixed high
Calories, cream and delicious winter smoothies. 3.
Pumpkin ice cream.
If you're going on a snow adventure and want a holiday dessert, pack a can of condensed milk and a mix of dried pumpkin spiced latte.
Mix the ingredients into a bowl or pan full of snow as a holiday ice cream. âx80x9d4.
Cut it before you go.
If you are camping in a scattered place, there are few restrictions on food.
But in November, every minute of the sun is precious.
Prepare some food to save time before you leave. Pre-
Chop up garlic and onions.
Throw some chopped vegetables into re-sealable bag.
Maybe put some gravy in the water bottle you're going. 5.
Main course.
When it comes to car camping, the traditional Dutch oven is great on some coal if fire is allowed.
Imagine potatoes, carrots, Brussels sprouts, and cook slowly on glowing afterfires with proper seasoning and melted butter.
A full Turkey can be difficult, but roast chicken is a worthwhile alternative.
If you don't have a Dutch oven, buy one. A cast-
It is worth investing in Dutch ovens.
Buy one big enough to use on both
A campfire or campfire.
This versatile cooking device is available for frying, baking or baking.
It works well at home too.
If you are careful, your Dutch oven will be more durable than you. 6.
Eat vegetables.
The fact that you are traveling in a backpack is not an excuse for Thanksgiving without vegetables.
Now companies are selling frozen-
Dry or dehydrated vegetables online.
Dehydrated Vegetables are light and really add a lot of flavor to any meal and are versatile. 7.
Mashed potatoes.
Do you like mashed potatoes with cream for Thanksgiving?
After adding whole milk powder, the taste of instant mashed potatoes will be better (
Nido is a popular brand)
And butter powder.
Both projects are easy to find online. 8. Stuffing.
Make some instant fillings, add a pack of instant gravy, add some dried cranberry, and add a bag of chicken instead of Turkey.
This is a recipe. pot delight! 9.
Festive wine.
Many people like after-sales service.
Dinner on holiday.
Instant hot chocolate, a little cream liqueur (
In a small plastic bottle)
Dried mint leaves mixed with some are a nice adult drink.
Suitable for backpacking trips to scattered camps on remote canyons or rugged Jeep roads.
Take a long way a little bit. Cheers!
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