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7 tips to survive weird food in a new culture - where to buy food dehydrator

by:IKE Food Machinery     2020-01-02
7 tips to survive weird food in a new culture  -  where to buy food dehydrator
One of the hardest things to adapt to when moving to a new country is different food.
I am referring to the existing type of food and the resources you have to buy food.
Here are some of my experiences with strange foods.
When I was a teenager, I lived with a French homestay.
I did a study abroad program with a team leader, Ed.
His duty is to make sure that we all fit into our family.
One night Ed had dinner with me and my family who lived with me.
The best China is out. (
Note, I live on a farm so China doesn't come out much).
The table was elegantly arranged and soon we had some of the most delicious, juicy, delicious chicken I had ever had.
Every bite I try to figure out how to make the chicken so tender.
Ed soon finished eating his share, so my host mother Simon stood up and asked if Ed wanted another one. He said yes.
Simon went on to ask, "Do you want a leg or a wing?
The whole table burst into hysterical laughter.
"Ed, why is it so funny?
"I asked, it is completely tacit.
"No," he replied, but the rabbit had no wings.
"One more time, I had dinner with some friends at a fine French restaurant and decided to try something new to change.
If it's some kind of fish, I'll order a tripe.
When my plate arrived, it was filled with broth and looked like the leftovers of some of the fish or meat that the chef was going to discard, and I was wondering if I made a mistake.
Unfortunately, there is nothing wrong.
The sausage is a delicious dish in French.
A bit too chewy in my opinion, but I did try it.
Hopefully you won't be surprised by what you're eating, but here are some tips to make sure you're at least ready for the next thing. 1 -
When you move to a new country, don't expect to find exactly the same food.
You absolutely can't live without some kind of food, bring it with you.
For example, I remember not finding peanut butter in some places. 2 -
Before you move, try to talk to some people in your host country about food.
Ask them what dishes are typical and if you want, let them tell you what the strange food name means in your native language, that way you can list whatever you want to avoid. 3 -
Take a moment to browse the supermarkets in your country.
Rather than desperately looking for the item you want, try to plan for about 30 minutes, walk around the local supermarket and see what it can offer.
Maybe you can't find peanut butter, but, instead, you end up with an amazing dip or discover a new cheese. 4 -
Be happy to try new things.
It will make your life a lot easier.
I know it's not familiar, it may smell or look interesting, but you never really know what you like until you taste it.
You are often pleasantly surprised.
You have to eat, so trust that you will find what you like!
You may have to taste a lot of strange food before you figure out what's right for you! 5 -
If invited to someone's house, be prepared to try out the service you get.
In some cultures, this is a sign of rudeness and disrespect if you don't eat the food provided to you.
Even if you eat a small bite, try the food at least. 6 -
If you find the food you like, be sure to write down what it is, especially if you are at a party and someone has the recipe you want to repeat. 7 -
Cooking classes in your host country.
This is one of the best ways to get to know both the food of this culture and be able to prepare the food yourself and meet some good friends!
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