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Advantages of high temperature air energy heat pump bacon sausage dryer

by:IKE Food Machinery     2020-03-14
High temperature air energy heat pump bacon sausage dryer is currently a relatively advantageous and cost-effective device. How does it choose? Among them, the following three points should be focused on: first, the installation is simple: the installation of the sausage dryer is convenient, and the overall installation is divided into several steps: the installation of the board room, the installation of the main engine, the installation of the axial fan, the installation of the power cord, and the installation of the drainage pipeline, the suction fan is integrated by the main engine, so it is convenient to install as long as it is pushed into the wiring. Second, the selection automation is high: the bacon sausage dryer is a mechanized automatic type, and the drying room has unique characteristics, which meets the needs of the development of modern society, it has changed the traditional and outdated drying methods of manually waiting for firewood, adding coal, turning over the plate, measuring temperature and measuring humidity. Three, choose efficient and cost-saving: sausage dryer efficient and energy-saving, low operating costs. Prospect of high temperature heat pump drying technology heat pump drying technology has the advantages of less energy consumption, less environmental pollution, high drying quality, wide application range, etc. Advantages of using high-temperature bacon sausage dryer: traditional bacon drying mainly uses wood, coal, natural gas and other fuels, which is very non-energy-saving, moreover, a large amount of harmful gases will be released during the drying process, polluting the environment. At the same time, in the drying process, it is easy to destroy the color of the bacon, destroy the appearance of the sale, and even pollute the taste of the bacon. In order to effectively solve the problem of bacon drying, Yihe air energy high temperature heat pump dryer is born in response to market demand. In addition to achieving energy conservation and consumption reduction, its significance lies in quality optimization. The Yihe air energy heat pump dryer can make it not deformed, cracked, discolored, deteriorated, oxidized, dried thoroughly, and has good rehydration after drying and less loss of nutrients during the drying process of cured meat, the storage period is longer, and the color, aroma, taste, individual form and effective components of the dried matter are more effectively protected than the traditional drying equipment. Advantages of high temperature bacon sausage dryer
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